Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to Have Longer Sex - Optimize Your Sexual Stamina With This Secret (Works Like a Charm!)

Many companies want you to believe that you can last longer in bed by using the veritable avalanche of products in their offerings. While you can add minutes to your sexual encounters using stuff like numbing sprays, specialty condoms or special ointments, these products have their own severe limitations. For one, you have to continually depend on them whenever you want to have sex. They are not a permanent cure; just a temporary "band-aid".

Lasting Longer Through Arousal Control

The best way to last longer during sex is by controlling your arousal during sex. To achieve this sexual milestone, you have to first understand the four stages of male sexual arousal. Arousal is basically the sensations you go through when you become sexually stimulated. By paying close attention to how your body responds and reacts throughout these four stages, you will be in a better position to control how long each stage lasts and enjoy sex to the fullest.

The Stages Of Sexual Arousal (Simplified)

Briefly, stage one is when your penis starts to get an erection; stage two takes place when the arousal begins to increase, your erection becomes full but you are still in control. Stage three occurs when the arousal intensifies, your penis glans expand, become more sensitive and you are right on the edge of ejaculation. This culminates into stage four when your nervous system tips over, causing your perineal muscles to contract and releasing ejaculation.

To last longer in bed, you basically need to stretch out the four stages for as long as possible. "Premature ejaculators" can go from stage one to four within a minute or less while those with superior endurance can extend their lovemaking to an hour or more.

Among the four stages of arousal, stage two holds the key. This means you have to strive to remain in stage two for as long as you can. Once you hit stage three, there is practically no turning back - even if your mother suddenly trots into your room!

Achieving "Arousal Longevity"

So how do you achieve longevity in stage two? Simple - by relaxing your entire mind and body. This key to do this is to focus on giving rather than taking. Read that again! It is that important.

You need to concentrate on exclusively giving your woman sexual pleasure by touching, caressing and stimulating her erogenous areas - the very ones that she love to be touched. Every woman is different, so you got to find out where these are! By taking focus away from your own genital pleasure, you can dwell in stage two for as long you as want, until your lady is sufficiently stimulated to have intercourse.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How to Build Sexual Endurance - 6 Raunchy Ways to Make Sex Last Beyond Your Wildest Imagination!

 Any guy can learn how to build sexual endurance and be a sex god in women's eyes. With the right tips, techniques and strategies, you can last like a stallion in bed and give yourself and your partner a far more satisfying time.

One of the keys to lasting longer during sex is to strengthen those muscles in your pelvic area. These are the muscles that control the release of urination and semen.

But if you need some quick fixes to prolonging the pleasure in bed, try these six useful tips:

Tip #1 - "Slow, Anticipatory Sex": When you are making love to your woman, build it up slowly. You should not start pounding away as soon as you get into bed. This happens in porn movies only! Take it nice and slow. Speed can be your worst enemy when you are trying to last longer in bed.

Tip #2 - "Fellatio Treatment": This is one of the best ways to ensure you last the distance. Ask her to give you oral sex before engaging in intercourse. Once you ejaculate, you will take a longer time to do so again. You can use this time to return her the favor. Believe me, you will not find her refusing you!

Tip #3 - "The Gung-Ho Female Stance": Letting her be on top during sex helps to naturally relax your body muscles and are proven effective in maintaining your arousal control.

Tip #4 - "The Missionary Man": If you are using the missionary position, try doing so with her legs open wide. This will ease the pressure on your penis and add some minutes to your sex.

Tip #5 - "Bladder Blaster": Never get into sex with a full bladder. When you make love on a full bladder, it puts pressure on your abdominal and pelvic muscles - a guaranteed way to get into ejaculation mode real soon.

Tip #6 - "Clitoral Titillation": The simple truth is that women do not really need you to go on and on. They need you to make the experience more erotic while you are at it. So to make the experience better for her, try stimulating her clitoris. Forgetting this is like trying to open a door without the key! While you are catching a few breaths, don't leave her high and dry! Stimulate her with your fingers or tongue, so that she is ready to peak when you are!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Ending Premature Ejaculation During Sex - Brilliant Tips to Trigger Super Endurance in Bed!

Ending premature ejaculation is not easy when you are having sex! You need to practice consistently over a period of time before you get enough control. If you devote at least a few minutes to practicing this every day, you will feel the difference in days!

When And How Should I Practice?

Well, you can practice any time! Just make sure you have a few minutes of time and that you are at your most relaxed! You need to concentrate on attaining a parasympathetic state, one which will help you feel excited but in control at the same time. Think about the whole process of your arousal on a scale of 1 and 10. Observing your excitement for a few minutes will help you understand your arousal better.

What Is The Right Way To Practice?

Step 1 - Start Right: Next time you are practicing at home, increase your awareness of your arousal triggers. What raises your arousal? Is it a particular thought that sends your arousal skyrocketing? Is it a particular touch at a particular point that gets you going?

Step 2 - Stop Better: Once you understand your triggers, practice cutting them out consciously. For instance, if you are visualizing something and find that it is interfering with your control, stop thinking about it at that instant. It may not be easy at first. However, with practice, you can become an expert at it!

What Can I Do If I Am Too Sensitive To Physical Stimulation?

If you are getting stimulated by a physical touch too soon, you are either very responsive, or your thoughts are on an overdrive! This is what you should do:

Step 1 - If you think that your thoughts are the reason behind you peaking too early, stop thinking and concentrate on something else.

Step 2 - Concentrate on your breathing and on how to slow it down. If you find it difficult to take your mind away from erotic thoughts, try to think of them in a sensual way, and not a sexual one.

Step 3 - If you feel that you are physically too responsive, you need to practice harder. Try the "stop and start" technique repeatedly. This is a technique where you bring yourself to a peak and then stop all stimulation.

Once your excitement abates, you stimulate yourself again. You should do this at least 10 or 15 times before you let yourself go. If you manage this consistently, you will be surprised how much longer you will last in bed!

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Premature Ejaculation Facts - 4 Tantalizing Truths About Early Ejaculation You Don't Want to Miss!

If you want to understand how to control premature ejaculation, you have to start off with the facts first. After all, how can you cure a condition (common as it is) without understanding the factors behind it?

Fact #1 - Do I have premature ejaculation?

Start with the basics. Do you have premature ejaculation? It is quite common among men. However, I won't say that you have it if you are just complaining about not lasting an hour in bed. Truth is, premature ejaculation occurs when you ejaculate before you or you partner want you to.

I can understand the frustration and pain you go through when you fail to satisfy your women repeatedly. The good news is that in most cases there is no medical reason behind it. What's more, it is not something you have to tolerate forever. There are authentic ways in which you can tackle PE for good.

Fact #2 - Why do I have premature ejaculation?

Well, it is usually the result of two factors.

Genetic Programming - This is the result of years of genetic conditioning. Sex is primarily meant for reproduction and not for pleasure. After all, what did cave men care about satisfying their women? It is a genetic programming among men that make them fail to last longer. So take heart. It is not your fault. You are just the result of Mother Nature's efficient means of human reproduction!

Overly Responsive Nervous System: When men are younger, their nervous systems are more acutely attuned to sexual sensations. As a result, younger men suffer more from PE. Your condition should improve as you get older.

The great news is that with a responsive nervous system, you have less chances of getting an erectile dysfunction (another common sexual dysfunction) even when you age!

Fact #3 - Do I need to go to a doctor?

In all likelihood - no. Of course you can arrange for a visit just to make sure that there is nothing medically wrong with you. After all, you don't need to go on worrying if a simple antibiotic can clear up your problem!

Fact #4 - How can I satisfy a woman even with premature ejaculation?

The truth is that women vary in the time they take to come to an orgasm during sex. While some may take up to 20 minutes to reach a climax, others may need just 5 minutes! The trick is to understand YOUR woman and how to satisfy her according to what she needs. Does she prefer foreplay? What about oral sex? These are great ways to give her a tantalizing climax before you even begin penetration!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to Have Sex Longer - 2 Techniques to Turbo-Charge Your Stamina in Bed (The 2nd One is Sneaky!)

This is probably one of the most common problems men face. They try a variety of lotions, potions and herbs that rarely work! Well, today I am going to share with you two sex techniques that are super effective in helping you last longer in bed. What are these 2 techniques? Let's find out below...

Sex techniques to have longer lasting sex

#1 - "Get Missionary"

This is the most basic sex position for men. By all counts, the missionary position can make most men ejaculate the soonest. But it can be utterly effective in lasting longer if you perform this with one simple tweak - by spreading your partner's legs as wide as she can. This will produce less friction on your penis and hence less stimulation. This position is also the easiest to flex your perineal muscles and keep your ejaculation on hold.

Even when you are in this position, you should continue to control arousal through your breathing. Don't breathe in too deeply, but keep it nice and slow. Take a break every few minutes and change your position when you find yourself getting too excited.

#2 - "Get Covert"

- No, I am not suggesting something illegal here. I call this the "covert technique" because you can practice it without your partner ever finding out about it! This is how you go about it:

- Have intercourse as you normally would, till you begin to feel excited.

- When you are within a minute of ejaculating (don't wait too long), change your technique. Thrust deep inside and then grind up and down. Since the vaginal opening is the tightest part of the female anatomy, your sensitive parts need to be away from this place. Your glans should be deep into her at this point.

- This will be pleasurable for her, yet it stimulates you less intensely. Once the urge to ejaculate passes away, you can resume the technique you were using beforehand.

- Keep grinding in this way - it will stimulate her clitoris and intensify her pleasure.

The advantage of this technique is that a lot of women have already been through it, and they seem to like it a lot. It adds to the stimulation because it acts on a woman's most erogenous parts. So, next time your woman wonders if you can ever last long enough for her, try these two techniques. She will be pleasantly surprised!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How to Master Your Ejaculation and Enjoy Mind-Blowing Sex (Secrets Every Woman Wish You Knew!)

If you are like most men reading this article, there is a good chance you are ejaculating prematurely during sex. Many guys wish they could last like a stallion in bed. They take action to rectify their shortcomings but never quite achieve what they wanted to do. Why is this so? Well, for the simple reason that they failed to follow some simple guidelines. What are these? Read on and find out!

#1 - Stop putting your faith in "stop-gap" treatment methods

What I meant by "stop-gap" really relates to what most men are using - creams and sprays that numb the penis during sex as well as other non-permanent measures including the use of mind distraction methods. Sure, these quick fixes can boost your staying power, but only for a short while. You need to use these EVERY TIME you have sex and want to last longer. The downside? You are not able to experience the full excitement of lovemaking due to the dulling sensations these methods produce. And if the spray, cream or gel rubbed off onto your female partner, she will not be able to enjoy sex as much too.

#2 - Execute mind and body conditioning and hormonal regulation

Nothing beats natural premature ejaculation cures that help you regain the kind of confidence you deserve. There are scientifically proven methods to re-wire your mental and physical ejaculation reflexes to help you last longer. These include targeted exercises that keep your pelvic and PC muscles in optimal shape and strength. Raising good hormones such as serotonin through natural breathing and relaxation techniques is also a proven strategy to calm your ejaculatory reflexes and inhibit or slow down an early climax.

#3 - Stay the course and last the distance

Daily discipline is paramount. If you want to master your ejaculation, you need to work on it and stay the course until you achieve your desired results. This will mean, for example, performing the necessary PC contraction exercises to improve ejaculatory control, or mindfully practicing deep breathing techniques, before and during sex to keep your ejaculation triggers at bay. These natural techniques will not show immediate results, although most men can experience significant improvements in just a few days.

Think about this: If you persistently last no more than 60 seconds into intercourse, adding an additional minute or two can mean the difference in engaging in boring, quick-fire lovemaking or exciting, confidence-boosting sex. This is what you will achieve if you stay committed to your cause and seek to improve how long you last in bed.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Do You Ejaculate Too Fast During Sex? Stop! 3 Things About Premature Ejaculation You Should Know!

Am I ejaculating too fast during sex? Do women find my lack of sexual stamina laughable? Am I really pleasing my girl in bed each time I have sex? Do these sound like questions you have been asking yourself lately? If they do, don't be ashamed about it. In fact, as many as forty percent of men have some issues about not lasting long enough in bed. So you are definitely not alone in finishing too soon during sex. Some guys have it so bad that they ejaculate the moment they penetrate their partners.

If you are like many men who wish they could last longer, you probably have many questions about premature ejaculation. If so, this article is just for you. Keep reading as we find answers to three common questions asked.

How long does the average man last in bed?

Five to ten minutes is a common yardstick, although most men are closer to five minutes. Considering the fact that most women take an average of fifteen minutes to reach an orgasm through vaginal penetration, it only means that the vast majority of women are unable to experience the full pleasures of lovemaking.

Is lasting longer always better?

Most men think so. BUT here's the simple truth. You only need to last as long as it takes for her to get an orgasm. And it does not even need to be through vaginal penetration! You see, women are capable of reaching a climax through a variety of means. Foreplay, oral sex, and yes - even, mental seduction is known to cause an orgasm in a woman! As long as she receives her orgasm, the amount of time you spend penetrating her does not really matter. Hint: Take your time during foreplay and bring her to a climax before intercourse. Even if you do not last 30 seconds into intercourse, you are way better than 99% of all men!

I want to impress a hot date in bed at short notice... what can I do?

There is a quick and easy way to sort this out. Masturbate about an hour or two before you are due to have sex. By "clearing up your pipes" and releasing your sexual tension, your penis will become less responsive and it takes longer to stimulate it to the same levels of excitement. This stop-gap measure can easily add crucial minutes when you have sex. And she wouldn't know a thing about it, either!

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